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Open a student bank account in Sweden: these are the benefits you can get

Studying is demanding enough without having to worry about your bank. But what if your student bank account helped make things easier instead? Read on to learn about the benefits, discounts and reduced costs that come with ICA Banken’s student loyalty (Stammis Student) account.

Free debit card = one less cost to worry about

It’s no secret that students often have a tight budget. ICA Banken gives you one less expense to think about: our Mastercard debit card is completely free of fees while you’re studying. This also applies to existing customers who then start studying.

Earn interest on your student grant

A CSN student grant or loan is often essential to making studying in Sweden economically feasible, and ICA Banken helps students make it go even further. By choosing to have your loan or grant paid into an ICA Banken account, you will receive 2,00 % interest on the monthly amount paid in, up to 25 000 SEK. If you already get your loan or grant paid into a different bank account and decide to switch it to ICA Banken, we’ll even give you 100 SEK as a thank you gift!

Make the most of your groceries with student discounts and benefits

Looking for a smart way to pay for your weekly essentials? With a student loyalty account your ICA Banken card enables discounts on many food items at ICA stores.

And if your CSN loan or grant is paid to an ICA Banken account you also unlock the additional benefit of earning double bonus points when using your ICA Banken card to buy many of the items at ICA or Apotek Hjärtat stores.

Student home insurance that has you covered

Even when studying it’s important to have peace of mind in case an accident occurs. As an ICA Banken student loyalty account holder, you gain access to home insurance from ICA Försäkring, adapted to student needs at a competitive price. And the home insurance covers more than you may think – it even includes travel insurance for up to 60 days. The insurance starts at 89 SEK per month for individuals, and 129 SEK per month for coinhabiting partners.

Unlock apps and services that make student budgeting easier

Once you’re a student loyalty customer at ICA Banken you gain access to a number of smart services designed to make your day-to-day life easier. The ICA Banken app makes it simple to pay your bills and get a clear overview of your finances, while also enabling fast bank transfers. Plus, for no extra cost you gain access to mobile payment app Swish, and can also create a Mobilt BankID digital ID.

So how do I open a student account with ICA Banken?

Whether you’re an international student or Swedish, if you have a Swedish identity number then opening a student loyalty account is a straightforward process and can be done online.

Aside from providing some additional details of your studies such as how long they will be ongoing, signing up is the same as the process for opening a standard ICA Banken account. You can find more details on how to do that, including how to open an Swedish bank account in English.

Become a Stammis Student

ICA Banken's accounts are covered by the government deposit guarantee as decided by the National Debt Office. Each customer is entitled to compensation for their total balance in the bank with an amount corresponding to a maximum of 1 050 000 SEK if ICA Banken were to be declared bankrupt. Compensation is paid out by the National Debt Office within 7 working days from the day ICA Banken was declared bankrupt, or the Financial Supervisory Authority decided that the guarantee should take effect.

1You who have your salary, CSN or pension deposited into your bank account are currently receiving 2,00 % interest on amounts up to 25 000 SEK. There is 0 % interest on amounts in the account that exceed 25 000 SEK. If you do not have a salary, CSN or pension in the bank account, there is 0 % interest regardless of the amount.