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Cookie document

14 March, 2019

Here is a list of cookies that are important for our website to work. They support important functions of the website to ensure that it works properly.

Essential cookies

Name of cookie




Domain name


Session cookie

Shows that you are logged in

The data is saved as long as there is

a logged in session




Under investigation



Permanent cookie

Used to prevent us from showing the text that we use a cookie every

time the customer goes to the page after the customer has given their OK for this.

1 year


Session cookie

Used to test that the client allows cookies, otherwise am error

message is displayed to customer.

When the browser is closed

ICA Banken




Stores the customer's selection of identification method for the

selection for the next identification.

10 years


Marketing and analysis


Permanent Cookie

Under investigation

30 days


Permanent Cookie

Cookie to determine whether a visitor will be included in an


Max 90 days


Permanent Cookie

This cookie is placed in the browser on the first visit and is used to manage and limit collection of data at high load.

Expires after 10 minutes


Session Cookie

Used for Google Analytics to distinguish user and be able to generate

data for statistical use of the page.

24 hours


Permanent Cookie

Used for Google Analytics to distinguish user and be able to generate

data for statistical use of the page

2 years


Session Cookie

Contains a token which can be used to retrieve a client ID from the

AMP Client ID service.

90 seconds to 1 year


Permanent Cookie

Used to provide relevant advertising around the internet. Targeted advertising can be based on previously visited websites. For more information

If you wish to disable cookies from DoubleClick, please visit this page

1.5 years

New Relic – Application and system monitoring – Third party

We use New Relic to monitor our applications. This is an external party to whom we send information about general traffic and errors that our applications manage. They process information and present it in an easy-to-understand manner. They also provide reports on rendering times in the client at the customer, something which can help us to analyse our implementations. They have a number of cookies for the solution.

New Relic has been implemented at ICA Banken during the month of September, 2018.

 All of New Relic’s cookies are listed here (external page)